Our first station was Kalgoorlie. This city is more than 500 km from Perth in the middle of nowhere. If there wasn't one of the largest gold sources on the world there wouldn't be a city.

This is downtown of Kalgoorlie. Some of the houses are more than 100 years old (which is very old for Australia)
On the first day in Kalgoorlie we visited Hannan's North Tourist Mine. It's an old gold mine which was reopend for tourists. On this tower there is an elevator which brought us down to the underground mine.
In this old gold foundry(=Gießerei) we could see how you pour gold in gold bars.
That's me with a gold bar. It's value is about 60,000$!
After the Hannan's Tourist Mine we went to the Super Pit Mine. This is the largest gold mine in Kalgoorlie. The trucks which transports the rocks are huge!
Here you can see how big the truck is by comparing it with a normal car.
This is an old tire from one of the trucks you've just seen.
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